A Generation in Motion
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Thanks. To Frank Thomas and H. Wayne Wilson of WCBU, to Wayne Tuminello, to my brother Peter, to Columbia Records, A&M Records, Atlantic Records, Vanguard Records, Elektra Records, John Nemo, Robin Currie, Bess Gallanis, Val Beattie, Allen Ginsberg, Robert Bernstein, Mary Meeham, Jamie and Walter and George, Rebecca Sterne. Special thanks to Rolling Stone magazine and its editors and contributors, for this book leans heavily on their chronicle of the late sixties and early seventies. Thanks to the Illinois Humanities Council for funding the series of radio broadcasts out of which came the idea for this book. To Peter Dusenbery for reading this book in rough draft and commenting, at length and in his usual insightful manner. And to proofreader Emily Williamson.